A Few Things To Consider When Selecting A Wedding Venue

In our current day and age choosing a wedding venue has become the most important decision an engaged couple will make when preparing for their big day. In years past, weddings in general weren’t nearly as glamorized as they are today.

Traditionally, men and women were married in a church and met for the reception somewhere convenient for those that attended the ceremony. Whether we’re living in the early 18th century or 250 years from now, there are and will always be two components that dictate where the event is to be held, the date and cost. 

Before anyone can begin thinking about where they’d like to be married, they have to decide the date of the wedding and how much money they want to spend on it. 

Finally, future husbands and wives need to think about who they’re inviting and how those attendees are to travel to the wedding location. Holding the ceremony on an exotic beach halfway around the world would most assuredly make it difficult for many to take part.

Save The Date

The easiest, most obvious and popular place to start is the date. Once a couple has a firm handle on the month and day of the occasion, everything else will seemingly flow from there. 

Before they investigate different venue options, they’ll also want to determine the size of the wedding. Obviously, some places are much larger than others and the number of guests they’ll want to invite will help them decide what will work best. 

A wedding venue’s accessibility must be considered as well, considering many of the guests are sure to be older in age or out of state.

Now that the has aforementioned been established the future bride and groom can begin looking at possible wedding locations.  If they’ve decided to marry sometime in the spring, summer or fall they could investigate potentially holding the event outdoors. If their date happens to be during a cooler time of year, something indoors will undoubtedly suit them best.

What is the budget?

Often, the cost of booking the venue is the largest of all costs undertaken for a wedding. The easiest way to determine how much money one can spend on the venue is by first calculating the cost of everything else. Let’s elaborate.

If John and Mary have a budget of thirty-five thousand dollars for their wedding, they should first determine how much they’ll have to spend on catering, flowers, photography, etc…  Once they have that total, thirteen thousand dollars for example, they’ll know they have twenty-two thousand dollars remaining to spend on the venue. 

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work. There are plenty of things that need to be taken into consideration. The event will be one of the most memorable and magical in both their lives. Choosing where the ceremony is to be held is very important to both the man and the woman. However, if there happens to be even the slightest amount of disagreement, the man will be best served by letting the woman make the ultimate decision.  It’s a great habit for him to get into.

Lastly, don’t forget about wedding venue insurance as nothing can ruin a wedding faster than an injury and no insurance!

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