Where is Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood, Oregon? 

The classic northwestern log cabin, Timberline Lodge, sits on Mt. Hood, approximately 1.5 hours south of Portland. Built during the Depression Era, the lodge is located on Highway 26 and is close to hiking and snowshoeing trails. The lodge has two restaurants and a heated outdoor swimming pool. The hotel sits at an elevation of 5,960 feet and is accessible from Highway 26. In addition, it has two outdoor swimming pools, both heated and unheated. 


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Forest Service 

In 1938, the U.S. Forest Service took over Timberline Lodge from its former owners, the WPA. The new lodge was designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, a renowned architect who also designed the Ahwahnee Hotel, as well as other lodges throughout the U.S. national park system. The WPA also designed and built the Silcox Warming Hut, which was 6,950 feet above sea level. It was abandoned in the early 1960s after the chairlift was moved west, but reopened in 1993 by the Friends of the Silcox Hut. 

Works Progress Administration 

Construction of the Timberline Lodge in Aspen, Colorado, during the Great Depression, employed between 100 and 470 workers a day. The WPA program provided jobs for low and middle-income workers by paying them living wages to work on various projects. The workers were paid ninety cents an hour for skilled construction workers and fifty-five cents for unskilled laborers. Almost one hundred construction workers lived in nearby tent cities, and jobs rotated throughout the project. 


The design of the Timberline Lodge is reminiscent of the rustic style of the national parks. Its great stone chimney weighs more than eight hundred thousand pounds and features two uneven wings that resemble the shape of Mt. Hood. In the interior, Oregon woods were used, and the building was inspired by Cascadian architecture. It opened in 1936, and has been one of the most popular lodges in the country. In addition to the rustic design, the Timberline Lodge was also awarded a National Historic Landmark designation. 

Mt. Hood 

Built in 1938, Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood is a popular resort destination for skiers and snowboarders. The Cascade Range is close to the Pacific Ocean and features 175 inches of snow. Snowstorms in April and May helped make the lodge accessible and a popular destination. There are also many other areas of the mountain to explore, including the Pacific Ocean and the Cooper Spur National Wildlife Refuge. However, if you do want to ski or snowboard, you may want to consider other accommodations. 


Amenities at Timberline Lodge include an outdoor hot tub and a stone-hearth fireplace. There is also a full swimming pool and sauna. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, a lending library, and games. Guests can also take advantage of activities like rafting excursions. For more information, please contact the property. You can book your stay at Timberline Lodge by completing the form provided. The confirmation will be sent to your email address, so you’ll know when you’re checking in.