What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a form of liability insurance that helps protect your investment in a venue. Umbrella insurance covers you if the event you’re attending experiences an unforeseen financial setback, such as an increase in costs or damage caused by weather conditions. umbrellas are often provided by venues as part of the agreement between them and the insured.
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What is the Purpose of Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance can help protect your investment by safeguarding you against losses in the event of damage to your facility. For example, if a roof collapses, your umbrella insurance will help pay for the costs of repairs and replacement. Likewise, if a window falls on you while you’re performing business, your umbrella policy will cover any damages that occur.

Umbrella Insurance Can Protect You from Losses

A recent trend in Umbrella Insurance is to protect employees as well. If something happened to one of your employees, their umbrella policy could cover any damages that happen to their personal belongings or property inside the business. In addition, if an employee loss his job and need to leave the company with their possessions, you may be able to claim these assets under umbrella insurance.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent to Get a Quote

Your insurance agent can provide more information about umbrella insurance and answer any questions you may have about the product. They’ll also be able to help get you quotes for the right level of protection for your investment.

How to use Umbrella Insurance.

When planning your Venue, it’s important to choose a time of year that offers the most umbrella insurance coverage. For example, if you have an outdoor concert in summer, you would want to insure your venue during the summer months.


Umbrella Insurance can help protect your investment and protect you from losses. By choosing the right agent and finding an affordable umbrella insurance policy, you can reduce your risk of loss.