What Is the Best Degree For Hotel and Travel Industry Jobs? 

If you want to work in the hotel and travel industry, an undergraduate degree is essential. Many higher-level positions require this degree, and many entry-level positions can be obtained with an undergraduate degree. Below, you will find a list of different undergraduate degree programs and their associated job duties. Choosing the right one can help you land the perfect job. This article also includes information on the Temple University and Drexel University hospitality management BS programs. 

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Job duties of an entertainment director 

In addition to booking acts and musicians, the job duties of an entertainment director include planning events, negotiating contracts with promoters, and overseeing staff and venues to ensure guests enjoy their stay. The entertainment director’s primary goal is to make guests happy and make them feel comfortable. While the job requires a high level of creativity and teamwork, entertainment directors often work independently in smaller venues or work with a team. 

Education requirements for hotel and travel industry jobs 

If you want to pursue a career in the hotel and travel industry, the first step is to obtain an education. An undergraduate degree is required for higher management positions. Taking an undergraduate degree early in your career can help you land an entry-level management position. Also, higher education can open doors for you to travel and experience new things. Listed below are some of the education requirements for hotel and travel industry jobs. These education requirements can vary based on location and the particular job. 

Drexel’s hospitality management BS program 

Whether you want to work in a hotel or travel agency, a BS in hospitality management will give you a well-rounded education and plenty of opportunities to expand your interests. You can complete the program by combining the BS with an MBA, or you can take a few additional courses and concentrate on one area of interest. There are a variety of hotel and travel industry jobs available to graduates of this program, and Drexel is a top choice for those looking to jump into this field. 

Temple University’s hospitality management BS program 

The School of Professional Studies at Temple University offers a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management. This program combines liberal arts courses with business classes specific to the hospitality industry. The degree is well-rounded and provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a fast-paced industry. Students enrolled in the program have the opportunity to choose from leading-edge concentrations that prepare them for a variety of roles in the hospitality and travel industry. 

Penn State’s hospitality management BS program 

The hospitality management BS program from Penn State’s School of Hospitality is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and includes over 800 hours of hands-on experience. This program requires students to complete two summer field experiences, a paid co-op, and three internships. Students in the program participate in several international experiences such as a weeklong trip to Rome. The program requires high school transcripts or GED equivalents, and standardized test scores.