What Does Venue Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Many venues require a Certificate of Insurance from event organizers as a condition of renting the facility. This Certificate is proof that the event organizer has Liability Insurance, and it is sufficient for a business event. However, if the event is a personal one, the certificate may not be enough to cover all the risks. Venue umbrella insurance is the best way to protect your venue and your guests. Read on to learn more about what the insurance covers.

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Event liability insurance

A special type of event liability insurance is written for specific dates, usually a couple of days. It’s meant to cover the liabilities of a venue or special events, such as a concert or wedding. It often includes special coverage for a specific event such as liquor liability or postponement costs. The premium for this type of insurance will depend on how many guests are expected. Event liability insurance can be especially beneficial when the venue is required to buy additional coverage for its events.

Libel and slander coverage

In today’s world, many businesses and individuals are choosing to get Venue umbrella insurance for libel and slander protection. In the internet age, many people get sued for comments and posts they make online. A resort, for instance, could sue someone for leaving negative feedback online. While the resort would likely have a defense, umbrella insurance will help protect the owner from financial losses.

Damage to other people’s property

If you’re hosting a party, you should consider getting Venue Umbrella Insurance. This type of insurance pays out for damages that your other policies don’t cover. It can also protect you from claims of malicious prosecution and wrongful entry. While the majority of umbrella policies cover these issues, a stand-alone policy would not. Your insurance company should help you determine which policy best meets your needs.

War-related damage

Whether you own a home business or not, you should consider getting a venue umbrella insurance policy. Unlike business liability insurance, which covers your company’s liabilities only, umbrella insurance covers your personal liability, including war-related damage. In addition, the plan is designed to provide additional coverage in the event of a lawsuit, even when your business is not in a war zone. If you own a home business, however, you will want to get separate coverage for your business’s liabilities.


Whether you’re a bar owner, restaurant owner, or other venue operator, the cost of venue umbrella insurance is an important part of your overall business risk management. Bars and restaurants are especially high-risk areas, since they serve alcohol and may have more potential for injuries. Injuries can also occur on the premises, as liquor may cause fights or assaults and damage vehicles. Fortunately, umbrella policies are relatively inexpensive and provide significant liability protection for businesses.