What Does Bed and Breakfast Umbrella Insurance Cover? 

If you’re running a bed and breakfast inn, you may be wondering what does bed and breakfast umbrella insurance cover. Fortunately, there are several different types of policies available. Learn about each one, including Innkeepers Liability Insurance, Court costs, and Lost business revenue. Also, find out how umbrella insurance can protect your business from unexpected losses. Read on for more information. You’ll want to understand what your bed and breakfast umbrella insurance policy covers so you can make sure that you have the best coverage for your situation.

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Innkeeper’s Liability Insurance 

Providing a quality, comfortable stay for guests requires routine upkeep and safety measures. However, accidents do happen, and you cannot predict all of them. Your homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover business-related liabilities, so it is essential to have an innkeeper’s liability insurance policy. Having this type of coverage protects you from financial disasters, including guest injuries. This coverage is especially important if you have a reputation for hospitality and are looking to make a profit. 

When choosing the best plan, consider what your bed and breakfast business needs. While innkeepers and bed and breakfasts are generally similar, they differ in what they need to cover. Both types of businesses should have comprehensive all-risk property coverage that covers both building and contents. You should also check for additional coverages like a liability policy for liquor and food. These additional insurances can cover a variety of different situations. 

Lost business revenue 

If you own a bed and breakfast, it is important to have comprehensive insurance coverage. Not only does this protect your property and belongings, but it also covers any outstanding costs that are not covered by standard liability policies. You also may want to get workers compensation insurance, which pays the wages of injured employees. Most states require bed and breakfast owners to offer this type of coverage. It also protects your business from the loss of revenue in the event of a lawsuit. 

Fortunately, this type of insurance is affordable, too. In many cases, a policy can cover up to $500,000 of lost revenue. It may even cover court costs, as well as attorney fees. You can learn more about this type of insurance by contacting the company below or completing a form. Once you receive a quote, you can decide whether you need this coverage for your bed and breakfast. 


Bed and breakfast owners may want to consider purchasing cyber liability insurance to protect their business from being breached by a hacker. They may also want to purchase umbrella liability insurance to cover any outstanding costs that are not covered under their standard liability policies. Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of liability protection. Bed and breakfast owners should also consider purchasing workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, which is mandatory in most states. It provides supplementary income for injured workers. 

A bed and breakfast business is particularly vulnerable to lawsuits and claims, and business insurance is essential for protecting your assets from financial liabilities. Insurance Companies offers specialized programs for resort locations. Workers’ compensation insurance can protect you from lawsuits for work injuries caused by the business’s employees. This insurance will also cover your workers’ compensation expenses, such as lost wages, if any. A bed and breakfast owner can also get an umbrella policy for its property to protect against liability claims.