Should Your Insurance Pay Mileage When You Have to Drive While Staying at a Hotel? 

Are you wondering how much your car insurance will cover when you need to drive while staying at a hotel? If so, you should know what to factor in to determine how much you can save. The answer may surprise you. In many cases, your insurance will cover the cost of driving by the mile, which is beneficial if you rarely drive for short distances. You should also consider the cost of a state or rental vehicle, fuel, lodging, and meals while you’re away from your car. 

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Getting insurance by the mile vs annual mileage 

If you drive very little, you may want to consider paying a higher rate for insurance by the mile rather than an annual one. Some insurers offer this type of policy and don’t charge per mile. Others offer telematics discounts based on your driving behavior. Some companies, such as Metromile, offer both options and have different pricing structures. To decide which is right for you, get a quote from three or more insurers and compare the costs. 

Car insurance companies often ask applicants to estimate their annual mileage. Your annual mileage is one of the primary rating factors. Insurers can use this information to determine your rate. It’s best to enter your actual annual mileage, rather than relying on the default figure. You can also find cheaper insurance by driving fewer miles. But be careful when entering your annual mileage. Depending on your driving history, you may be able to get a better rate if you drive less than 8,000 miles a year. 

Costs of paying by the mile vs annual mileage 

Gas prices vary daily and differ from state to state. Each vehicle has different mpg ratings, so the cost of gas can vary greatly, too. For many people, the most expensive expense daily while driving across the country is lodging. The average cost of a hotel room in the US is $150 per night, and the costs of safe, comfortable accommodations can add up fast over the course of several days.