How Much Is Resort Insurance For A Wedding? 

There are many different types of resort insurance, and the amount you pay will depend on the details you want to be covered. The lowest liability limits are around $100 and the highest is around $300. Your coverage will also depend on your deductible. Some providers also offer extra expense coverage, which can cost another $200 or more.

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Cancellation insurance 

In most cases, wedding insurance covers a wedding’s costs up to a certain limit. This amount varies depending on the policy’s deductible and liability limits. It can also include cancellation/postponement coverage, which can be added for a fee of about $200. There are many other options available, and you may want to explore them all before making your final decision. 

For instance, if a couple plans to have a wedding at a resort, they should purchase cancellation insurance in case their plans change. This coverage will cover expenses incurred in a wedding venue, catering, transportation, and hotel accommodations. It also covers expenses related to honeymoons. However, wedding cancellation insurance plans come with many exclusions. For instance, if the bride and groom have run away before the wedding, they may not be covered. 

Liability insurance 

Wedding liability insurance is an important part of any wedding planning. It covers rented property and protects your guests and vendors. In case of an accident or theft, your wedding liability policy will cover the cost of repairs or replacements. You can also opt for liquor liability coverage, which will cover the costs of alcohol at your wedding. Wedding liability insurance can cover up to $5 million in damages. 

Wedding insurance will cover the cost of lost deposits and other costs in case of an unforeseen occurrence, such as weather conditions. It will also reimburse you for expenses related to special attire, entertainment, hall rental, transportation, and accommodations. You may also want to consider event insurance, which will reimburse you for the money you spent on extras such as the officiant, food, and entertainment. 

Medical coverage 

Medical coverage on resort insurance for a wedding is a great way to protect yourself and your family during your special event. In case of an accident, this coverage pays for medical bills, and can even cover your deposit to a wedding venue. It also covers third-party property damage in case of an accident at the wedding venue. In the case of a loss, a representative from the insurance company will investigate and reimburse you the amount. 

However, wedding insurance isn’t without its downsides. One common hazard is a pandemic, which can have disastrous effects on wedding plans. Unfortunately, most wedding insurance policies do not cover this hazard, and some carriers won’t even cover a wedding during a pandemic. In addition, wedding liability insurance won’t cover any of your wedding jewelry, so you should consider purchasing additional coverage to protect yourself against unexpected expenses. 


Wedding insurance policies can be expensive, but they can help protect you in case of a disastrous event. A basic policy can cost from $150 to $500. It covers things such as nonrefundable deposits and no-show vendors. It also covers loss or damage to wedding attire and gifts. Some policies will also cover losses or damage to wedding rings and photographs. 

Many venues require liability insurance for weddings, which can protect your guests from accidental injuries. This insurance also protects the venue itself. In some cases, it also covers rehearsal dinners. Regardless of your location, wedding insurance is important. 


When planning your wedding, you’ll want to make sure you’re aware of the various coverage options and exclusions. Having a policy that covers everything you need can help prevent serious problems down the road. The first step in making sure you’re covered is to review your policy forms. Many people don’t know what coverage they need, and they often find out too late. 

Your wedding insurance policy should include liability coverage, which pays for damages or injuries caused by guests. Getting liability coverage is important because you don’t want to be responsible for injuries incurred by your guests. This coverage will also cover damage or injury to another guest’s property. However, be aware that this coverage does not cover alcohol-related incidents.