How Much Hotel Quarantine Cost in Australia 

If you are looking to stay in a hotel that is quarantined, you are likely wondering how much quarantine will cost you. This article will look at the costs associated with quarantine in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Listed below are some of the most popular hotels that are quarantined. Choosing the right hotel for quarantine will save you both time and money. Once you’ve decided on which hotel to stay in, read on to find out how much quarantine will cost you.

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Cost of hotel quarantine in Melbourne 

During the recent quarantine crisis, the government was forced to put people into hotels. The cost of quarantine was estimated to be over $2,500, and there were numerous other expenses to consider. The government also imposed a limit on the number of people it could quarantine at any given time. But the number of people returning home from quarantine is low and a small percentage of them break the rules. During the recent quarantine crisis in the Philippines, a family was trapped in a country. After crowdsourcing the tickets, they were able to return home. 

The cost of quarantine in Melbourne is not yet known, but NSW is planning to implement a similar policy and charge travelers for a fortnight. The government has approved a tariff for this purpose and has also made it available for people to pay in installments. This tariff is expected to be applied to the hotels in both states. However, there are concessions for low-income earners. The fee for quarantine has risen over the past three months and may have reached $20 million before the changeover to Sydney. 

Cost of hotel quarantine in Brisbane 

The government has spent $26 million in the last seven-and-a-half weeks on hotel quarantine facilities in Brisbane. The cost of quarantine has increased compared to a year ago when only six people were in the quarantine facilities. In the peak period of the pandemic, the government rented 22 hotels and paid them to host quarantined people. Eight of these hotels remain operational, while six others are being used to isolate vulnerable people in regional locations. These include people who live on the streets or in share houses. 

There are two options to cover the costs. One option is to create a GoFundMe fundraiser and ask friends and family to contribute. A GoFundMe fundraiser allows you to tell your story and conveniently collect donations. Then, you can share your story with the world and get a great deal of support in your fight to get back home. And you never know who might be reading this and want to support your cause! 

Cost of hotel quarantine in Sydney 

If you’re in the middle of quarantine in Sydney, you might want to know the cost of the hotel. The fee for quarantine is over $2,100, and it includes your food and accommodation. You can also get an extension if you are unsure how to pay. If you’re unable to pay the bill, the Revenue NSW debt collectors have the power to repossess your property. 

The NSW Government has allocated $65 a day to cover the cost of food and accommodation. This is quite a generous budget, considering the cost of a single beef sandwich or frozen beef curry. For that much, you could easily afford three gourmet meals a day. But it doesn’t stop there. The state government is now investigating the hotel quarantine process. CNN has contacted Novotel’s owner, Accor, to discuss the matter further. 

Cost of hotel quarantine in Perth 

The Government of Western Australia is trying to get back nearly $20 million in overdue hotel quarantine invoices. In July last year, the State government announced a policy to ensure all hotels pay their quarantine bills within 30 days. As of November, almost 33,000 invoices have been issued and 6000 are still outstanding. One room for a single adult costs $2520 and a room for a couple costs $3360. 

The Perth hotel quarantine system is due to close after the first half of 2019 when only 50 unvaccinated travelers are expected to be checked in. Six Perth hotels, including the Intercontinental and Pan Pacific, will be the last to take guests. These hotels are set to resume pre-COVID operations later this month. Another two are due to exit the system in April. However, the release dates have not yet been finalized. The last remaining hotels are expected to resume normal operations sometime in late August.