How Much Does It Cost to Insurance a Venue? 

If you’re an event organizer, then you know how important general liability insurance is. Whether you plan to host one event or hold many, you should ensure that you’re covered in the event of an accident or damage. Without it, you risk losing the spot where you’re hosting. Without it, you could end up facing a huge repair bill after an accident or damage – in one case, damage to the venue’s hardwood floors costs a venue tens of thousands of dollars. 

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Event cancellation insurance vs liability insurance 

If you are organizing an event or special celebration, you may be wondering whether you need to purchase event cancellation insurance. Special event cancellation insurance is designed to cover your costs and expenses in case an event is canceled, postponed, or otherwise affected by unforeseen circumstances. It may also cover the cost of a professional officiant or major vendor not showing up or being unable to provide their services. However, event cancellation insurance isn’t as beneficial if you are planning to hold a wedding, as this is a personal event and you may have planned the event without a professional planner. 

When comparing event cancellation insurance with liability coverage, it’s important to know what you need and when. Some insurers won’t cover events that are less than 24 months away, and others will only cover events up to 15 days before they begin. Moreover, some insurers may require that you pay your premium up-front, so you might want to purchase it as early as possible. Moreover, some policies require that you pay the premium in full up-front, which can be difficult to manage if you don’t have the money available to cover your expenses. 

Getting general liability insurance for a venue 

If you’re running an event center in Wister, getting general liability insurance for a venue is important. Event centers vary in terms of their amenities, from yoga classes to water sports, but one thing is certain: they must be insured. Wister insurance executives know how to get the best coverage for your event center. While there are few insurance brokers and agents who specialize in event centers, Wister insurance executives understand the unique risks involved in running an event center. Without insurance, you risk losing your event location, or worse, facing a massive repair bill. One example: damage to a venue’s hardwood floors could be tens of thousands of dollars. 

A venue’s real estate asset is an important part of its operations, and it needs to be insured to protect it. Wister policies are designed to protect real property assets from the most common kinds of liability, including physical property damage. Unlike named-peril policies, Wister’s policies cover all kinds of perils. These policies protect your venue and its property, including liability for third-party property damage. 

Getting event cancellation insurance 

Getting event cancellation insurance can help protect you from unforeseen circumstances and save you from having to lose all your hard-earned money. This type of insurance covers the costs of losing your deposits and other contracted charges, including lost gift money and special attire. If your event is a wedding, you may even want to purchase event cancellation insurance to cover the cost of professional counseling and photographs. If you decide to purchase the insurance, contact your local agent to discuss your options. 

While purchasing event cancellation insurance, make sure you check the terms and conditions of your policy. Some insurers will not allow cancellations due to a pandemic, so make sure to check if the policy you are considering has a period for rescheduling. Also, some event cancellation insurance policies require upfront payment or require you to pay the premium in full upon issuance. In many cases, it is best to wait for a minimum of 15 days before a scheduled event to avoid additional payments.