How Important Is Insurance For Motel Owners? 

General liability insurance for motels is one of the most important types of insurance to have. However, you should also have other types of coverage, such as commercial property insurance. Property insurance pays for the cost of damage to your property and can also cover your motel’s contents. In addition, it can cover your customers’ personal property. Having all of these types of insurance is a good idea for your motel. Read on to learn more about the different types of insurance available for motels.

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Commercial general liability 

Motels are a common target for a commercial general liability insurance policy. It can help protect your business against claims related to negligence and bodily injury. In some cases, general liability insurance will cover medical costs, including emergency room visits. In addition, it can cover the cost of extermination in cases where a guest is bitten by bed bugs. Whether your motel is a small establishment or a national brand, it is imperative to be covered. 

Umbrella liability policy 

For hotels, resorts, and casinos, an Umbrella liability policy can help protect your business in many different ways. This policy protects you from lawsuits and other financial damages resulting from third-party claims. These insurance policies are typically required for franchised motels and hotels. In addition to providing extra liability coverage, these policies also include business interruption insurance, which can help in the case of a lawsuit. To get more information about this type of insurance, contact Megan Davis at Mackintire Insurance Agency. 

Liquor liability coverage 

If you’re running a motel or hotel, you should consider liquor liability coverage. Liquor liability insurance protects your business in the event of a lawsuit. It will cover costs incurred due to liquor-induced fights and assault charges against employees. However, these insurance policies vary significantly by provider. Nonetheless, they are important to your business. Getting proper coverage for your business can protect you in case of any liability situation. 

Pools and spas 

Hotel owners need to consider the liability risks that come with pool and spa use. Injuries can occur because of a hotel’s failure to provide a safe environment. For example, if a guest accesses the pool after hours, the hotel may be liable for the injuries that occur. The new ADA regulations can be found here. Using a pool alarm is also a good idea. 

Employment practices liability 

In the hospitality industry, the need for a solid umbrella liability policy is critical. While general liability insurance provides ample coverage, employment practices liability insurance provides an extra safety net. It helps protect your hotel business from legal settlements for employee issues involving discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, or any other type of misconduct. Whether or not your motel employs employees, you should consider purchasing this policy. Listed below are some of the most common reasons why a motel should purchase employment practices liability insurance.