Do Motels Pay For Guest Motel Insurance? 

If you own a hotel, you need to insure it against all kinds of liabilities, including theft, fire, and property damage. Regardless of the size of the property, hotel insurance is vital. You need to cover food consumption, food preparation, and crime losses in addition to money, supplies, inventory, and guest property. You also need to protect your money and property, which is why you should purchase hotel liability insurance. 

(Professional liability insurance covers more abstract risks, such as errors and omissions in the services your business provides. To know more, contact us today!)

General liability 

If you’re a hotel owner, you need to buy hotel/motel insurance to protect yourself against unexpected costs. These policies typically cover the costs of damage to hotel property caused by guests, employees, or third parties. In some cases, hotel/motel insurance will even cover unexpected circumstances, such as an intoxicated guest causing damage to hotel property. The following are the basic types of hotel/motel insurance coverage. 

Commercial property 

A hotel has a variety of different policies that cover many types of mishaps that may occur in their establishment. Liability insurance will pay for damages caused by guests or staff members, but will not cover things like war-related damage. But it can cover other issues, such as paying for medical expenses for a guest who falls on the property. Some hotel policies will cover up to $1 million in additional charges. 

Employee dishonesty 

A hotel must carry liability insurance to protect itself from any potential financial disasters. Coverage can include punitive damages, medical bills, and clean-up costs. There are also several other types of liability insurance, including employment practices coverage and general property insurance. These policies cover any property damage and provide compensation for lost, stolen or vandalized items. In the event of employee dishonesty or fraud, liability coverage may be sufficient to cover these costs. 

Umbrella Insurance 

Is it necessary for a motel to have guest motel umbrella insurance? The answer depends on the type of property. Motels are exposed to many risks, including inclement weather and heightened liability due to COVID-19, the new state law on liability. A hotel should increase the amount of umbrella coverage it has for guests as a result of the rising number of high-value lawsuits. 

Equipment breakdown 

Do motels pay for equipment breakdown? The answer depends on the type of coverage you purchase. For example, business interruption coverage covers the costs of utility shutdowns and can help you maintain a steady income in the event of a disaster. Equipment breakdown insurance is particularly useful if your main source of revenue is electricity. The money it provides can cover operating expenses, employee payroll, and taxes, as well as debt repayment.