Do Lodges Pay For Guest Lodge Insurance? 

If you are a hotel owner and are thinking of insuring your guest lodge, you may be wondering – do lodges pay for their guest lodge insurance? We’ll also touch upon Commercial auto insurance and Hotel liability insurance. You should always be prepared to pay out for an accident or other event resulting in property damage. Fortunately, you can get the coverage you need for your hotel with a hotel insurance policy. 

(Professional liability insurance covers more abstract risks, such as errors and omissions in the services your business provides. To know more, contact us today!)

Hotel liability 

Some hotels pay for guest lodge insurance, but not all of them. The reason is that a hotel’s insurance policy can cover personal property and liabilities that guests may face. But if you’re a hotel owner and you want to protect your guests, you should consider a hotel liability policy. This type of insurance protects you against claims from guests or hotel staff. It also covers legal costs and compensation expenses. 

If you’re staying in a hotel, the likelihood of damage is high. However, the law of averages dictates that something will go wrong at some point. In most cases, this damage is relatively minor, such as a careless cigarette on an armchair or a broken television remote. The risk of causing extensive damage is greater when renting holiday accommodations or self-catering units, but the most common problems are covered by damage deposits. 

Innkeeper’s contents cover 

What are the innkeeper’s contents cover? It’s a form of hotel insurance that covers damage to and theft of guest property. While many people don’t realize it, this type of insurance covers any costs that may arise from damage or theft to guest property. It’s important to understand what is covered, and how much each policy tier costs. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a policy: 

Firstly, do you need innkeepers’ liability insurance? You’ll need liability insurance to protect yourself from legal repercussions of guest property damage or theft. Most hotels carry liability insurance. However, you can’t make them pay for this type of insurance unless they cause damage or theft to your guests. Fortunately, liability insurance also covers your guests’ personal property while they are on your premises. 

Commercial auto policy 

Whether your hotel or resort operates a shuttle service, you need a Commercial Auto policy to protect your guests and employees. This type of insurance includes liability and collision coverage for your vehicle and may also include medical payments, rental reimbursement, and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. You may also want to consider the following additional coverages to protect your business in case of an accident: 

A commercial auto policy can cover your vehicles, as well as the property inside and outside of your building. Some policies exclude flood and earthquake damage, so be sure to check with your agent about specific coverage for these occurrences. You also want to consider liability coverage for any liability that arises from using your vehicle or damaging it. A commercial auto policy is ideal for your property, but it is not a good idea to opt for a low-cost policy.